Hold onto your seat! This white-knuckled thriller starts out fast and keeps accelerating to the powerful ending.

What happens when a reclusive Alaskan suddenly finds his best friend and a small army of mercenaries are after him?

They never should have messed with Dylan Baker!

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Front cover of Denali by Tyler Blackthorne


Couldn't put it down! - Roger Hansen

This book made me feel like I was along for the journey like no other book I have ever read. Can't wait to see more work from Tyler Blackthorne. - Douglas Henke

The suspense is gripping throughout the page turner. Thank you Tyler Blackthorne for a great read. I highly recommend it for all. - Milo A Doran

I started reading Denali and could not put it down (in spite of a cold - hence the Kleenex) until I was finished. - Irene McConaghy

The unforgiving land and unique people that live there are true to character. I don't want to spoil anything for readers so I will just say read this if you like a good thriller crossed with a wilderness survival story! - Sig Anderson

Believable main character, fast paced storyline, and authentic Alaska. It's all there. - Josh Ernst

It's a great book for a thriller-lover or a fan of the great outdoors. - Lindsey Lapointe

If you enjoy stories about outdoor adventures and drama, this is a book that will keep your interest. - Larry Vorwerk

A fast-paced thriller that snared me with evolving characters and the natural beauty of Alaska! - Bugsy

The story kept me interested and involved. Hope to read more from this author. - Jeff Bloom

This book drew me in from the first page. I couldn't wait to find out who was hunting Dylan and if he would survive the trek to Denali!! - Susan Edmonson

Hard to put down as Mr. Blackthorne takes you from mystery to reality! - Judy Wylie

Blackthorne generously meted out plot developments, alternately intriguing and surprising me! - Ed Reese

The story-line is gripping, the action is intense and each chapter leaves you yearning for more! Can't wait for the sequel... - Bryan

I would recommend this book to anyone! - Ken

A fast read and now I cannot wait to travel to Alaska. The details of the setting are so descriptive. - Martin Jensvold

Cool premise and amazing setting. I definitely recommend this book! - Elizabeth