Who is Tyler Blackthorne?

Tyler Blackthorne, the amazing author of Denali is regarded as a highly skilled story-teller, but Tyler is also well known for these reasons:

  • Black belt in karate.
  • Speaks fluent Spanish and German.
  • Has published scores of articles in main stream print magazines under a different name.
  • Has a total of 5 graduate and post graduate degrees.
  • Is author of three other books under a different name
  • Honored by the National Teachers Hall of Fame
  • Has traveled throughout North and South America, Asia and Europe


Tyler Blackthorne, as you’ve figured out, is a pseudonym. The Portland, Oregon father-daughter writing team of Bruce and Kelly Hansen was joined by Minnesota scientist/writer Bob Young to write the first Dylan Baker book, Denali.

Arctic Forces is a creation of Bob Young and Bruce Hansen.