Our Screenplays


Our staff writers. Robert Young, generic viagra Dan Gobba and Bruce Hansen, viagra generic have three complete screenplays, a TV pilot and a work-in-progress aimed at the mass media market. Mt. Hood Press can also provide “Fresh Eyes” to solve screenwriting problems encountered by other authors.

Denali   We just completed an edge-of-your-seat thriller titled Denali. Based on a Tyler Blackthorne book, this white-knucked tale can be characterized as Taken meets Bourne Identity.

Surface Tension   Also complete as of right now is our Juno-meets-Ghost tale about an independent no-one-tells-me-what-to-do girl who’s receiving conflicting advice from a quirky priest and her father’s ghost.

The Red Mustang   We are also excited about a cross-cultural dramedy about a boy who can see into the future and must choose to save his own life or that of his father.

For more information, contact us at this address:

info @ mthoodpress.com (remove spaces around the @ symbol)

Literature for Life

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